Drop Boxes: General Information

On the course Lessons tab, a drop box provides an area for students to submit assignments electronically. These assignments can then be reviewed and graded. Students upload the assignment to the drop box, and instructors are able to view which student uploaded each submission as well as the times when items were submitted.

Instructors can place drop boxes in any folder within the Lessons area. They should make it clear to students what the expectations are for the assignments and be clear which folder each drop box is in.

Instructors can determine which category of users or which team can use a drop box. Instructors can also restrict availability of a drop box to a range of specific dates and times.

By default, students cannot see what other students place into a drop box. However, you may choose to permit peer review on the Review tab of the drop box settings.

Course editors can set the maximum number of times a student can submit a file to a drop box as well as disable the ability for students to upload attachments or use the message box. These options are available on the Submission tab of the drop box settings.

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