Photo: Add to Personal Information (User Profile)

You may choose to add a photo of yourself in the Personal Information area. The photo will appear:

  • On the Course Roster on the course Communicate tab, when Show Pictures is selected by a student. Note:: Course editors will see each student's ID+ photo from the Housing and Food Services database.
  • On your user profile, also accessed on the Course Roster

Notes: The photo file must not be larger than 100,000 bytes (about 100 KB). If you upload a file larger than that, a message will display saying "File exceeds maximum allowed size of 100000 bytes." For best results, use a photo no more than 1,000 pixels in height or width.

Be sure the photo file is saved with the .jpg or .gif extension.

To add your photo:

  1. Click the Preferences button in the left toolbar.
    Screen Capture. Click Preferences Screen.
    Click Preferences.
  2. Select the Personal Information link.
  3. Scroll down to the Photo URL field under Contact Settings.Screen Capture. Contact Settings Window.
    Photo URL field under Contact Settings
  4. If the photo is on the Web, enter its full URL in the text box, including the http:// prefix, for example:
  5. If the photo is on your local drive:
    1. Click the Add button to the right of the Photo URL field.
    2. In the Upload Photo window that opens, click the Browse button.

      Screen Capture. The Upload Photo window Browse button.
      Click Browse.

    3. Locate the photo file on your local drive and double-click its name.
    4. Click the Upload Picture button.

      Screen Capture. Photo File Box.
      Click Upload Picture.

    5. If the photo displayed is the one you want to use, click the Use Photo button.

      Screen Capture. The photo dispay.
      Click Use Photo.

    6. Click the Close button to close the Upload Photo window.
  6. Scroll down and click the Save button.

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