Import iStudy for Success! Tutorials

Note: You need to have editing rights in a course or group in order to import an iStudy for Success! module.

To import a module:

  1. Within the group or course into which you wish to import an iStudy module, select the Manage tab.
  2. Select the Import Console link beneath the PSU Data Management subheading.

    Screen Capture. Management Console Window.
    Select the Import Console link.

  3. Select the iStudy Import Module link.

    Screen Capture. Import New Course Content Window.
    Select Study Import Module, the last option on the Import New Course Content menu.

  4. Click on the checkbox beside each tutorial you wish to copy, or click on the Select All checkbox to select all tutorials.

    Note: It is easier to import all of the Tutorials, then delete those you do not want, than it is to import the Tutorials one at a time.

    Screen Capture. iStudy Module Import Window.
    Select the module to be imported.

  5. Select where you wish to copy the selected tutorials to in the course via the Add To pulldown menu.
  6. Click the Copy Items button to begin the copy process.
  7. Confirm the copy.

    Screen Capture. iStudy Module Import Window.
    Message indicating the import is processing

  8. Click the Done button to return to the Import screen.


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