My Announcements

My Announcements is a component on your My Profile page by default.

My Announcements lists the current announcements from all your courses and groups. Announcements are arranged in the order they were added, with the most recent first.

Note: Announcements cannot be added or edited from this location. Only a course/group editor can edit an announcement, and must do so from within the course/group.

Screen Capture. My Announcements Screen.
List of current course and group announcements

Once you have reviewed all current announcements, if you no longer wish them to be displayed on your My Profile page, select the Mark as read link beneath the My Announcements subheading.

If you have marked the current announcements as read, then wish to review them again, in the View menu beneath the My Announcements subheading, select the All link.

Screen Capture. My Announcements Screen.
Select All to display both read and unread announcements.


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