Following is a listing of the icons that can be found in ANGEL. Notice that each icon represents a particular item within the ANGEL environment, making it easy to identify at a glance a particular item.

What It Represents

Screen Caputure. Folder icon.


Under My Courses the folder icon is used to identify each semester.

Under My Groups the folder icon is used to identify each group category.

Screen Caputure. Book icon.


Screen Caputure. People icon.


Screen Capture. Gobal icon.

public calendar event or announcement

Screen Capture. Envelope and letter icon.

mail message

Screen Capture. List icon.


Screen Capture. Grayed out list icon.

hidden assessment

Screen Capture. Folder with pin icon.

discussion forum

Screen Capture. Folder and disk icon.

drop box

Screen Capture. Page with checker board icon.


Screen Capture. Book and pen icon.

lesson plan

Screen Capture. Paper and global icon.


Screen Capture. Page with PSU shield and check icon.

Penn State Test Tool link

Screen Capture. Paper with a black line icon.

section heading

Screen Capture. Page with a list and pencil icon.


Screen Capture.  Paper wtih a folded corner icon.

(Web) page of information

Screen Capture.  Paper with a disk icon.

uploaded file

Screen Capture.  Check icon.

ungraded item

Screen Capture. Lock icon.

password protected file

You may want to include the type of ANGEL item in a content item's name. For example, if you create a drop box, you may want to name it "Drop Box Assignment 1." This will help students new to the environment understand what the icons stand for.

If an icon is grayed out, it means the item is hidden or unavailable (see hidden assessment icon in the above table). For example, you may have specified that the "max attempts" students have to take an assessment is one. After a student takes the assessment, the assessment icon will appear to that student with no color, indicating it is no longer available to him or her.


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