Export Gradebook Grades

Within the course gradebook, accessed by selecting the Gradebook link on the course Manage tab, the Export Grades tool enables you to export assignment grades as a comma-delimited or tab-delimited file that can be viewed and modified in a standard spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

To export assignment grades:

  1. On the main Gradebook menu, select the Export Grades link beneath the Gradebook Setup subheading.
  2. On the Export Grades screen, select the preferred file format (comma-separated or tab-separated values).

    Select the format for the file that will be exported.
  3. Select the Include Averages and/or Include Course ID check boxes, if desired.
  4. Click the Export button.
  5. In the file download dialogue box that appears, depending on your browser and platform click OK or Save. You may be asked to specify the location in which to save the file, or it may be downloaded to your computer desktop or downloads folder.
  6. Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet program after the file download is completed to view and modify grades.

Note: It is recommended that you export a delimited file to use for viewing and modifying grades. This file can then be imported into the gradebook.

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