Today's Calendar

Today's Calendar is a component on your My Profile page by default.

Today's Calendar lists the current day’s calendar events from all your courses and groups, as well as from your personal calendar.

  • Personal events are preceded by a person icon.
  • Course events are labeled with the title of the course to which they pertain, and are preceded by a world icon.

Screen Capture. Today's Calendar window.
Today's Calendar listing personal and course events

Note: Calendar events cannot be added or edited from this location.

Customize the Display

By default, events are categorized by Section, e.g., "Course 000 Section 000." From the Sort by menu beneath the title bar, you can alternately select one of the following sorting options:

  • Date: Lists all events for the current day in chronological order
  • Category: Groups the current day's events by category, for example, "Meeting."

You can also select the Show Notes link to display any notes associated with events. To return to the original view, select Hide Notes.

Screen Capture. Event with Show Notes selected.
Event with Show Notes selected

Remove Today's Calendar Component

If you wish to remove the Today's Calendar component from your My Profile page:

  1. While on your My Profile page, select the Edit Page link in the upper left.
  2. In the area displaying the layout, move the cursor over the Today's Calendar component, then click the X in the title bar.
  3. Click the Save button in the upper right.

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