Determine Course/Group File Space Volume

The ANGEL allocation management policy, effective July 26, 2012, imposes the following limits on file space:

  • Course: 1.5 gigabyte (GB)
  • Group: 300 megabytes (MB)

To determine the file space volume in a course or group in which you have editor rights to make sure you have not exceeded the permitted limit, you can enable a quota bar to appear beneath the course or group name on My Profile.

To enable the quota bar:

  1. On the My Profile screen, select the name of the course or group.
  2. Select the Manage tab.
  3. Beneath the PSU Course Settings (course) or PSU Group Settings (group) subheading, select the Quota Tool Settings link.
  4. From the Show Quota pull-down menu, select Yes.

    Select Yes from the Show Quota pull-down menu.

  5. Click the Save button.

When any editor of the course/group views the My Profile screen, the quota bar should appear beneath the name of the course or group. The quota bar progresses from blue to yellow to red as the size approaches the quota.

To determine the exact volume, move your cursor over the quota bar. A pop-up message will display with the amount and percentage of file size used so far.

Move the cursor over the quota bar to determine the exact volume.

Note: By default, the system will refresh the information every 36 hours. To display the most up-to-date information, click the refresh button next to the quota bar.

Click the refresh button for up-to-date information.

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