User Level

You can optionally specify a User Level according to your comfort level with ANGEL settings. ANGEL will accordingly display fewer or more advanced settings and directions when you are editing the settings for items such as lesson content or your user profile.

To specify your User Level:

  1. Select the Preferences icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

    Screen Capture. Preferences icon.
    Select the Preferences icon.

  2. Select the System Settings link.

    Screen Capture. General User Settings Window. Selected System Settings link.
    Select the System Settings link.

  3. Beneath the User Level subheading, select the radio button next to the option that describes your comfort level with ANGEL settings.

    For example, a Beginner is initially presented with only normal settings and more helpful notes and directions are provided. An Advanced user is presented with all settings, both normal and advanced.

    Screen Capture. User Level options.
    User Level options

  4. Click the Save button.


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