Activate the Syllabus Editor in a Group

If you are using an ANGEL group to develop a course, you will find that for the most part, the features on each tab parallel those in an ANGEL course. One exception is a group’s About tab. While a course syllabus editor has numerous fields for instructor contact information, course and text information, objectives, and policies, a group’s description editor on the About tab has only two fields, group title and description.

Through the following procedure, you can activate in an ANGEL group the same syllabus editor found in an ANGEL course. When activated, this replaces the two-field Group Description Editor on the About tab with the Syllabus Editor.

Note: ANGEL groups should not be used for official Penn State courses.

To activate the syllabus editor on a group's About tab:

  1. Within the group, select the Manage tab.
  2. Beneath the PSU Group Settings subheading, select the Tab Settings link.
  3. In the URL field to the right of the About tab, type the word syllabus.

    Enter "syllabus" in the URL field to the right of the About tab.
  4. Click the Save button. When you select the About tab, you will now find the Edit Syllabus link in the toolbar.

Notes: Any content you had already entered on the About tab will be hidden. To redisplay it, select the Tab Settings link on the Manage tab once again, then delete the word syllabus from the About tab URL field and click Save.

If you have activated the syllabus editor and entered information into the fields provided, this information remains in ANGEL's memory. You can redisplay the original two fields on the About tab as described in the previous paragraph. Then, if you change your mind once more and wish the syllabus to display, again follow steps 1 through 4. The information you had previously entered will reappear.

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