About the Course Management Console

The Management Console, accessed by selecting the course Manage tab, contains three groups of tools:

Course Management Tools

The Course Management tools allow course editors to configure and maintain course grades, manage enrollments and rights, manage team enrollments and settings, take attendance and review attendance information. Anyone assigned course assistant rights can access only the Gradebook and Attendance tools.

Note: If you wish, you can adjust another course editor's permissions using the Permissions tab on the Enrollment Settings screen.

Specific tools are:

  • Gradebook: allows you to manage both on and offline grades for the course
  • Roster Editor: allows you to manage enrollments, rights, and settings.
  • Teams Editor: allows you to manage team enrollments and settings
  • Attendance Manager: allows you to take attendance

PSU Data Management Tools

The PSU Data Management tools assist with managing course files, backing up and restoring the course, importing and exporting content, and maintaining the data in the course.

  • Course Files Manager: allows you to manage course files
  • Import Console: allows you to copy an existing course or import content from a master course
  • Export Console: allows you to export course content for archive or distribution
  • Student Drop/Add List: shows those who have dropped or added the class through Penn State's registration system.
  • Date Manager: allows you to change the date settings for all content associated with this course.
  • Keyword Manager: allows you to search for all content items associated with a keyword; and import and export keyword files.
  • Assessment Question Bank Manager: allows you to access the database containing all of the questions used in assessments.
  • Survey Question Bank Manager: allows you to access the database containing all of the questions used in surveys.
  • Rubric Manager: allows you to view, edit, copy and create new rubrics.

PSU Course Settings Tools

The PSU Course Settings tools allow you to change several settings for your course, including course title, whether the course is activated or disabled, and the course theme.

  • General Course Settings: allows you to modify settings such as title and URL for the section, and set the course to be activated or disabled
  • Course Theme Selector: allows you to change the colors and fonts used for the section
  • Tab Settings: allows you to control which tabs are displayed and where they link
  • Quota Tool Settings: allows you to enable or disable the quota tool.
  • Mail Settings: allows you to control access to course mail tools and features

Note: For details on each tool, reference that tool's help topic.

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