Complete a Crossword Puzzle

A crossword puzzle is one of two types of games an instructor may add to the course Lessons tab. Completing a crossword puzzle is as easy as clicking on one of the boxes to insert your letters.

Complete puzzle by clicking on a box

To complete the crossword puzzle fields:

  1. Click on a blank box. The question along with an answer box appears. The Hint button provides a letter at a time to assist you in solving the puzzle. However, using a Hint deducts points from the overall score. Click the Submit button when your answer is complete. Continue this process until all blanks are complete for the crossword puzzle.

    Click Submit button
  2. When all words are complete in the crossword puzzle, the Submit button appears below the puzzle to submit the entire puzzle. Note that the Submit button will be grayed out until all words are complete. A summary of your results is displayed.

    Crossword puzzle results screen

    The Percentage is calculated as the total number of letters in the crossword puzzle minus the number of hints selected and the number of incorrect responses for each word, divided by the total number of letters in the crossword puzzle.

    Note: If the crossword puzzle is an assignment in the gradebook, ANGEL automatically grades it and sends the grade to the course gradebook.

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