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On your personal calendar, accessed via the My Calendar link on your My Profile page, you can add personal events that can be seen only by you.

Course and group events are also displayed on your personal calendar by default, although they are not labeled with the course/group name. Course and group events cannot be added or edited from your personal calendar.

To access your personal calendar:

  1. While on your My Profile page, select the My Calendar link beneath the My Toolbox subheading.

    Screen Capture. My Toolbox Screen.
    Select the Calendar link.

  2. The current day’s calendar is displayed in grid format. You can then optionally:
    • customize the display
    • navigate within the calendar
    • add an event
    • edit an event
    • search for an event

Customize the Display

You can customize the display of your personal calendar in several ways.

In the Format menu in the upper right, you can select List or Grid.

Screen Capture. Format Menu Box.
Format menu

The List option displays events in a list in chronological order. The Grid option (default) displays events in a grid like a typical calendar.

Screen Capture. List Format Screen.
List format

Screen Capture. Grid Format Screen.
Grid format

In the View menu in the upper right, you can select whether to view the calendar by Day (default), Week, Month, or Year.

Screen Capture. View menu box.
View menu

Within the small box to the right of or below the calendar, select whether to display:

  • All Entries: personal as well as course and group events (default)
  • Public Entries: course and group events only
  • Team Entries: course and group events specific to a team you are a member of
  • Personal Entries: personal events you have added to your personal calendar

Navigate within the Calendar

If you are in Day view, you can click a date in the small calendar on the right to display that day's events.

Screen Capture. Calendar screen.
Click a date to display events for that day.

To display events for a date in a different month, select the month and year from the pull-down menus beneath the small calendar, then click the date.

Screen Capture. Calendar menu Screen.
Selecting a different month

Depending on whether you are in day, week, month, or year view, selecting the Previous and Next links in the upper right will take you to the previous or next day, previous or next week, etc.

Screen Capture. Navigation Menu Box.
Navigation menu

To again display the current day's events, select the Today link in the upper right.

Add an Event

To add an event:

  1. Select the Add link in the upper left.

    Screen Capture. My Calendar Box.
    Select Add.

  2. Enter a Title for the event.
  3. You can select a Category from the pull-down list or create a new category by clicking the Other button, entering a name for the category in the pop-up window that appears, then clicking OK.

    Screen Capture.  My Calendar Screen. Event Settings.

    Event settings

  4. Optionally enter a Contact, a Location, and/or Notes.
  5. Beneath the Date and Time Settings subheading, you can select the start Time for the event and its Duration from the pull-down menus. You do not need to set a time for events that have no particular start time, for example, a birthday.
  6. If it is a recurring event, for example, a weekly meeting, click the Recurrence button. Complete the Date and Time Settings and Interval Settings, then click the Save button.
  7. If it is a single event, click the Save button on the main settings screen.

When you are viewing your calendar in List format, as well as if you are viewing Today’s Calendar on your My Profile page, the event will be preceded by a person icon to indicate it is a personal event.

Edit an Event

Note: You can only edit personal events from within your personal calendar. Only a course/group editor can edit a course/group event, and must do so from within the course/group.

To edit a personal event:

  1. If you are in Grid format, move your cursor over the event title within the calendar. In the pop-up menu that appears, click the Edit button. (The pop-up menu only remains for several seconds.)

    Screen Capture. Pop-up menu with Edit button.
    Pop-up menu with Edit button

    If you are in List format, select the Edit link in the box to the left of the event.

    Screen capture. The List Fromat with the selected Edit Link.
    Edit link

  2. Edit the information or settings as necessary. The settings screen is the same one you see when you add an event.
  3. If it is a recurring event, beneath Apply changes to... select whether to apply the edit to this occurrence only, all unmodified occurrences, or all occurrences.
  4. Click the Save button.

Search for an Event

To search for an event:

  1. Select the Search link in the upper right.

    Screen Capture. Search Link.
    Select Search link.

  2. Enter a word or phrase in the text box.

    Note: The search engine is not case-sensitive.

    Screen Capture. Calendar Search Box.
    Enter text, then click Search.

  3. Click the Search button. A list of events containing that word or phrase will display.

    Screen Capture. Calendar Search Screen.
    Search results

The search engine will search event titles as well as text within events' Contact, Location, and Notes fields.

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