Course/Group Settings

Course and groups in which you are a member are listed on your My Profile page, the first page displayed when you log on to ANGEL.

You can customize the course and group listings in several ways:

  • Specify which courses/groups to display
  • Group the listings by either semester or category
  • Select which details about each course/group to display
  • Select which types of new course/group items to be alerted of
  • Specify whether to list disabled courses

To edit these settings, move your cursor over the My Courses or My Groups component, then click the pencil (settings) icon in the title bar.

Screen Capture. My Courses componet of My Profile.
Click the pencil (settings) icon in the title bar.

The settings screen will display, listing all your courses/groups. Uncheck the box next to any course/group you no longer wish to be listed on your My Profile page.

Note: Only your own My Profile page will be affected, not that of any other course/group member.

Screen Capture.  My Course Settings Display Filter.
Courses Settings screen

By default, your role, e.g., student, is displayed. In the Also Display area, you can select additional display options including Category, Instructor, and Semester.

In the Tasks area, you can ask ANGEL to display small icons beneath a course/group name on your My Profile page to alert you when there are new or incomplete items. Selections include:

  • Ungraded: Ungraded submissions to manually scored Lessons items such as drop boxes or assessments containing manually scored questions
  • Mail: Unread mail messages
  • Posts: Unread discussion forum posts. Note: You will only be alerted of new posts for a discussion forum if the instructor has specified this in the discussion forum’s settings.
  • Milestones: Incomplete milestones
  • Tasks: Incomplete course-related tasks

Note: If you move your cursor over one of these small icons, a pop-up tip will indicate the number of items, for example, "2 Milestones."

The Show Disabled yes/no radio buttons allow you to select whether or not to show disabled courses in the list.

Note: Disabled courses are those that have not yet been activated by the instructor for student view.


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