Why Is a Course I am Taking Not Listed on My Profile?

Note: This article pertains to students who are enrolled in for-credit residential education courses.

  • If you are a course instructor, please reference the Why is a Course I am Teaching Not Listed on My Profile? help topic.
  • If you are a student taking non-credit continuing education courses, such as Better Kid Care or CareerLink, or are a World Campus student, the information in this article does not apply to you. Please contact the World Campus/Outreach Services Help Desk. Contact information can be found at http://tech.worldcampus.psu.edu/contactus/index.cfm.

Disabled Courses

ANGEL courses are disabled by default. A disabled course is visible to instructors, but not to students. Some instructors do not activate (enable) their courses until after the start of the semester and some may not choose to use ANGEL at all. If a course does not appear on your ANGEL My Profile page, please contact your instructor and ask if and when the course will be activated.

If the instructor indicates that the course should be available to you but you do not see it, please contact ANGEL Support. Make sure that your help request includes the course’s department and number (e.g., MATH 141) as well as your Penn State Access Account user ID (e.g., xyz123).

Registration Issues

To check your enrollment status, please log in to eLion and use the Student Schedule link. If one or more courses are missing or you encounter an error message, please contact the University Registrar.

ANGEL does not synchronize with the Registrar’s database in real time; it may take up to one business day for registration changes to be reflected on your ANGEL My Profile page.

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