Navigation Buttons

Screen capture. Navigation buttons.
Navigation buttons

Once you log on to ANGEL, a set of navigation buttons is always displayed on the left side of the screen. Following is a brief description of each button.


Clicking the Home button returns you to your My Profile page from anywhere within ANGEL. The My Profile page is the initial page displayed when you have logged on to ANGEL, listing your courses and groups.

Screen capture. Home button.
Home button


Clicking the Help button displays the searchable knowledge base of ANGEL documentation.

Screen capture. Help button.
Help button

Log Off

When you are finished with an ANGEL session, you should click the Log Off button.

Screen capture
Log Off button


Click the Preferences button when you wish to update your personal contact information, select a new theme (color scheme) in which to view ANGEL screens, or update system settings such as user level or mail forwarding.

Screen capture. Preferences button.
Preferences button

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