Personal Information (User Profile)

You can edit your personal contact information and specify who may view it. This information is displayed on your user profile.

A member of a course can view the user profile of any classmate or faculty member by selecting the user profile link beneath the person's listing on the Course Roster on the course Communicate tab.

To access the User Profile Editor:

  1. Click the Preferences button in the left toolbar.

    Screen Capture. Click Preferences icon.
    Click Preferences.

  2. Select the Personal Information link.

    Screen Capture. General User Settings Box with Selected Personal Information Tab.
    Select Personal Information.

  3. In the Name Settings area, your name should already appear. Faculty can edit the name fields; students cannot.
  4. In the About Me text area, you can optionally add information about you, your interests, research, clubs, etc. that you want to share with other users.
  5. In the Contact Settings area, you can optionally enter your Email address. From the Viewable By pull-down menu to the right, you can select which category of users can view it.
  6. Optionally enter your Homepage URL (Web address) and specify who can view it.
  7. For Photo URL, you can optionally enter the URL of a photo on the Web or upload a photo from your local drive by clicking the Add button, which opens a separate browse window.

    Notes: The photo file must not be larger than 100,000 bytes (about 100 KB). If you upload file larger than that, a message will display saying "File exceeds maximum allowed size of 100000 bytes." For best results, use a photo no more than 1,000 pixels in height or width.

  8. Beneath the Phone Settings subheading, optionally enter one or more phone numbers. From the pull-down menu to the left, you can specify whether the number is your Work Phone, Home Phone, Cellular number, etc. Specify who can view it.

    Note: For example, a faculty member might enter a work phone number that is viewable by students/members and a home number that is only viewable by course editors.

  9. Beneath the Address Settings subheading, optionally enter an address.
  10. To display additional settings for your contact information, select the Advanced check box in the toolbar.
  11. When you have finished entering information, click the Save button.

Screen Capture. My Profile Screen.
Sample user profile

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