Forward ANGEL Mail Outside of ANGEL

If an instructor or group leader chooses to forward an ANGEL course/group mail message to recipients, by default, a copy of the message is forwarded to their Penn State Access Account e-mail address, e.g.,

You may additionally specify an e-mail address where you also wish to receive a copy of forwarded course/group mail messages.

To specify a forwarding e-mail address:

  1. Select the Preferences icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

    Select the Preferences icon.

  2. Select the System Settings link.

    Select the System Settings link.

  3. Beneath the Mail Settings subheading, enter the Forwarding Address.

    Enter a forwarding e-mail address.

  4. If you wish a copy of all your ANGEL course and group mail messages to be forwarded, regardless of whether the sender has chosen to forward a message, from the Forwarding Mode pull-down menu, select Forward my mail and keep as new.
  5. Click the Save button.

Note: Setting the forwarding e-mail address can also be completed in the User Course Mail Preferences accessed from the Preferences link in the Compose Mail area.

Forward Mail from within User Course Mail Preferences

You cannot reply to an ANGEL course/group mail message from outside ANGEL. You can only reply from within the course/group.

If you forward your course mail, a copy of each message remains in ANGEL.

For instructors: While it is possible to send mail outside the ANGEL system, it is impossible to mail from the outside back into ANGEL. Thus, if users receive forwarded course mail via an outside service, they must still log on to ANGEL, enter your course, and respond to all course mail there. This can cause many logistical and tracking problems for you and your students. You may want to consider asking students not to forward their mail. Note that you can only request they do this; you cannot control their actions or settings.


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