Use Email for Listserv Maintenance

You can use the web or email for managing list subscribers. This article will describe the email method.  To view the web interface article go here:

  • You can send mail to
  • In the body of the email you put the following "job". Note: You can put several steps within one job.
  • The word quiet suppresses messages sent to the subscribers.
  • If you want them to get the standard messages, omit the word quiet in front of the delete or add commands.



//Maintain Job pw=your-listserv-password

//* If you don't need to delete anyone, omit this step.
//* To delete everyone, just say quiet delete listname *

quiet delete put-name-of-your-list-here dd=Deletions
//Deletions dd *

quiet add put-name-of-your-list-here dd=Additions
//Additions dd * * John Smith

//Maintain eoj

If you are doing a lot of additions or deletions, you can:

  • Add the word Brief to the delete control card and Import to the add control card to suppress a lot of the output. Thus they would become:

quiet delete put-name-of-your-list-here dd=Deletions Brief


quiet add put-name-of-your-list-here dd=Additions Import

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