Friends of Penn State (FPS) Account, MyPennState

Also known as MyPennState, the Friends of Penn State (FPS) service provides you with a digital identity so you can access a variety of Web-based resources and services at Penn State. An FPS digital identity gives you the opportunity to stay connected with or become part of the Penn State family. Several centralized Penn State services use Web-based applications for their business transactions, and use FPS as the primary method for serving these transactions. With an FPS digital identity, you can gain access to a variety of Web-based applications and services to:


  • apply for undergraduate or graduate admissions via the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Web site;
  • manage financial aid and student loan payments;
  • enroll in Penn State World Campus courses;
  • enroll in Agricultural Extension Courses; and,
  • use eCommerce services.

Note: at this time, an FPS digital identity does not provide access to email or other services such as Web space, dial-up services, access to computing labs and other Internet services.

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