Uploading to PASS Club Space

Information on how to upload the pages and changes made to club spaceThere are three ways to upload files to club space: mapping/ mounting a drive, PASS Explorer, and secure FTP (SFTP). Directions for each option follows.

Using PASS from the Labs

Using the PASS Gateway makes saving files, moving groups of files, and live updates a breeze. You can work directly from the www folder or just drag and drop content into the folder.

To find PASS do the following:

  • PC
    • Click on the Start Menu.
    • Click on My Computer.
    • Under Network Drives, search for the X: drive.
    • If you don't see this drive you can map it by follow ing the steps outlined here.
    • Mac
      • Click on Applications
      • Click on Access PSU Network Folder.
      • Click on Access Other Locations.
      • Click on Access PASS clubs.
      • Enter your Penn State Access Account user ID.
      • Enter your password.
      • If you don't see this location you can map it by following the steps outlined here.


    PASS Explorer

    • Go to https://explorer.pass.psu.edu/ .
    • Log in with your Penn State Access Account (ex. xyz123) and password.
    • Find the Browse To:  drop down menu in the middle of the screen.
    • Click the arrow on the drop down menu.
    • Select the correct club space (ex. Club: [abbreviation of club name]@[campus location]).
    • A list of files inside the clubs folder will appear.
    • Click Upload.
    • Click Browse.
    • Select the files you wish to upload.
    • Click Upload.
    • Files will now appear in the club folder that are visible via the Web.


    SFTP - Secure FTP

    • Download the SSH client for Windows  or Mac  (login required).
    • To connect to the server, enter the following information into the SSH client:
      • Username: (Penn State Access Account) (Ex. xyz123)
      • Password: (Penn State Access Account Password)
      • Hostname: ftp.pass.psu.edu
      • Directory: /clubs/campus code/club directory (Ex. clubs/campus code/[name of club or club abbreviation])
    • Now the club's directory is displayed.
    • From here you can browse for files to upload or download.

    NOTE: If this is a new club, only the index.html file will appear.  If this is an established club or if the webmaster has changed, hopefully an organized list of files and folders containing all the Web site's content will be visible.


    Service Now Article: KB0010482

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