Be Safe: Antivirus Software

Many of the more common viruses morph or change frequently to make them more difficult to detect. Viruses spread rapidly and by many different ways (for example, via email attachments; infected document files; Web sites that contain hostile code that can infect your computer through vulnerable browsers; and unprotected fileshares). Your computer may be vulnerable to virus attacks if you are not using antivirus software and updating it regularly. Using Symantec AntiVirus (FREE for Penn State students, faculty, and staff ) and configuring it to update virus definitions automatically will help keep your computer protected. Download Symantec AntiVirus at and be sure to set it up for automatic updates. Follow the links below for instructions.

How to schedule automatic updates:

Important: New computers often come with trial versions of antivirus software. Having two different antivirus programs installed on one computer can cause conflicts. Always uninstall the antivirus software that came on your computer before installing the Symantec software provided by Penn State.

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