About Listserv

Information Technology Services (ITS) uses the LISTSERV system to manage almost 6,000 mailing lists containing approximately 1,800,000 subscribers.  Classes, clubs, committees and professional organizations use the lists for announcements and discussions.  For information, visit lists.psu.edu/


General Information

• A listserv is an email-based mailing list.

• It is used to send announcements to a large group of people and for creating discussion groups among
      interested individuals. Examples:
             ** Class Listserv – used for class discussions, announcements, etc.
             ** Staff Listserv – used to disseminate news and information to employees
             ** Topical Listserv – used for discussions and announcements related to a particular topic (such as
                  e-commerce, volleyball, accounting club, etc.)

• A listserv is more efficient than using an email nickname when sending messages to groups of 50 or more

• At Penn State, a listserv is also required if you want to create an email alias where more than one person
     in a department is designated to receive the email from the alias. The alias makes the listserv address
     appear like a “regular” email address. Example:
              ** The email address for the listserv, BD-ComputerStaff, is BD-ComputerStaff@lists.psu.edu. This
                   listserv may be assigned an alias such as ComputerStaff@psu.edu which is more user-friendly.

• There must be at least two list owners; one must be designated as the primary list owner and the other
     as a secondary list owner. The list owners are responsible for maintaining the listserv (such as adding and
     removing subscribers).


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