Be Safe: Back Up

Most people know that they should back up their files, but don't do it, because they don't know how, figure it takes too much time, or think it might cost too much. However, there are many methods for backing up your files at a low cost. Don't wait until you lose hours or even years of work in a single moment. Take a few moments right now to identify a method that will work for you.

Here are some methods you can use:

  • Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS): PASS provides universally-accessible disk space/file storage space for use by anyone at Penn State. Upon receipt of a Penn State Access Account, all Penn State students, faculty, and staff are allocated (initially) 500 MB of online storage space. Users can increase their storage allocations to 10GB via the ITS Secure Server's Directory Quota utility. Likewise, PASS is available for departmental and course use. Learn More
  • Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): This effective, low-cost solution is available for departments, faculty, and staff. TSM acts as a file backup and archive server for the disk drives of any workstation or personal computer connected to the Internet. See the TSM Web site for additional information and an application form:
  • ITS Disk Space: Several kinds of disk space or central file services are available for individuals to store and share files. These systems are generally accessible from computer labs, technology classrooms, and from your home or office computer with almost any kind of Internet connection. See for details.
  • UNIX and Linux advice: The Penn State Libraries offers Safari Tech Books Online, which features the full text of a wide variety of technical books. Once in Safari, search for UNIX backup or linux backup. O'Reilly books are recommended.
  • Windows advice: "Backup Basics," by Microsoft
  • Macintosh advice: "Mac 101: Back it Up," by Chris Ullrich at

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