Owners Need a "Personal" Listserv Password

Each owner MUST pick their own personal password and use that in all of their listserv management work. You use the same password for all lists that they may own. This password is also used for any lists that you subscribe to with this same email address.

If the address you use to own the list changes, you will need to pick a password again.

You can do this from a web browser or with email.

For the web:

Or you can:

PW ADD my-new-password

Note: You will need to substitute your actual password instead of "my-new-password". The Help Desk recommends NOT using your "email" password here.

You will be asked to confirm your password choice and then you can start managing your list(s).

If you have a password, but can't remember it, simply send the change command to pick a new one:

PW CHANGE my-new-password

In all cases, you will be sent mail to confirm your password.

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