UCS: Importing 3rd Party E-mail into UCS Web Client

The following instructions will help users add their 3rd party e-mail account (Gmail, Yahoo!, MSN, Hotmail, etc...) into the UCS Web Client. Please note that these instructions will not work in the UCS Desktop Client.

  1. Log into the UCS Web Client (https://ucs.psu.edu)
  2. Click on the Preferences tab
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Click the Add External Account button
  5. Enter your 3rd party e-mail address in the Email address field
  6. Enter friendly name of choice for account name
  7. Select IMAP in the Account type
  8. Username of account should be populated with the beginning part of your 3rd party e-mail address (everything before the @ symbol)
  9. Change email server to imap.server.com, where server is your 3rd party client name (i.e. imap.gmail.com, imap.yahoo.com)
  10. Enter the password in the Password field for your 3rd party e-mail account
  11. In Advanced Settings, check the box for "Use an encrypted connection (SSL) when accessing this server"
  12. Press the Test Settings button to verify account setup is correct
  13. Carefully read last few sections as those are to be set according to personal choice

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