UCS: How to Archive Messages from the UCS Desktop Client


You will need to download the UCS Desktop Client from the Penn State ITS downloads page ( https://downloads.its.psu.edu/ ) if you do not have it already. Refer to http://kb.its.psu.edu/article/1650 for the UCS Desktop client configuration.

  1. Create a local folder in your UCS Desktop Client:
    1. Right click on the Local Folder on your left in the overview pane.
    2. Click on New Folder
    3. In the small pop-up window, type a name for your Folder, and specify a color if so desire.
    4. Click OK
  2. Now you can drag and drop e-mails into your archive folder.
    *You may also right click on messages in your archive folder and move them back to your inbox so you can have access to the messages on the Web Client when you need them.

Please note that all messages moved to the archive folder are removed from the server and may not sync to your UCS Web client, therefore, you will not see them when you log on to your UCS Web client.

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