IMAP "junk" Folder Configurations

NOTE: The Penn State junk folder is spelled with a lower case "j". Folders named "Junk" and "spam" are not folders where Penn State will place e-mail scored as spam.

If the junk folder does not automatically appear within an IMAP client, settings will need to be altered in order for the junk folder to be accessible.

Do you have a mail prefix in place?

  1. YES, I use mail prefixes
    1. Go to and insert the prefix to have a junk folder created and automatically appear in the e-mail client.
  2. NO, I do not have mail prefixes.
    1. If a “junk” folder does not appear in your client, you will need to create a new one.
    2. Create a new folder named "junk" in your folder list and it will automatically synchronize with the server. 
      1. Depending on your mail client, the steps to create a new folder may vary, for assistance, contact the IT Service Desk at, we will assist you in creating a "junk" folder that works with our IMAP email service.



Service Now Article: KB0010065


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