UCS: iOS 10 CalDAV Setup


iOS must be 4.2 or higher (intended for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users)
Apple product must have an internet connection


You will first need to be sure that your UCS is set to "allow" a CalDAV connection from your Apple product.

 1. Log in at ucs.psu.edu

 2. Click > Preferences tab

 3. Left menu, click > Calendar

 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and place a check mark in "Enable delegation for Apple iCal CalDAV client"

 5. Click > Save

 6. On your Apple product, click > Settings

 7. Click > Calendar

 8. Click > Accounts

 9. Click > Add Account

10. Click > Other

11. Click > Add CalDAV Account

     Use these settings:

     Server: ucs.psu.edu

     UserName: userid (do not add @psu.edu)

     Password: Access Account password

     Description: UCS Calendar

12. Click > Next

13. Choose to sync Calendar and/or Reminders

14. Click > Save

15. Open the Calendar app on your Apple product

**At this step, you should only see your own UCS calendar. You can stop now.


**If you have additional, shared calendars that you would like to sync, please continue with step 16.


16. Close the Calendar app completely

17. Go to back to ucs.psu.edu > Preferences tab

18. UNCHECK "Enable delegation for Apple iCal CalDAV client"

19. Click > Save

**You will need to return to this Preference page one more time, so you will want to leave your browser window open.

20. Open the Calendar app on your Apple product

**All Calendars shared to you will now be displaying.

21. Go to back to your open page at ucs.psu.edu on the Preferences tab

22. Place check mark in "Enable delegation for Apple iCal CalDAV client"

23. Click > Save


Additional Information:

To change which calendars you see in the Calendar app:

Open Calendar app
Click > Calendars (bottom menu)
Scroll to "UCS Calendars"
Uncheck any calendar you do not want to see

Click > Done


Service Now Article: KB0011033

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