Using the Information Security Videos with a Course or Group

A video series titled, "Information Security and You: Learn. Know. Protect.," is available to all Penn State students, faculty, and staff, by Security Operations and Services (SOS), a unit of Penn
State Information Technology Services (ITS). The series of online educational videos is provided to the Penn State community through a series produced by The SANS Institute (, a cooperative research and education organization. Established in 1989, the SANS Institute develops security-training programs that reach more than 165,000 system and security professionals around the world.

The videos have been designed to provide quick, effective awareness messages about a variety of information security-focused topics, such as creating strong passwords, using social media tools more safely, wireless security, smartphone/handheld security, as well as policies and laws. The videos are not intended to replace training programs or course work, but are meant to serve as a supplemental educational resource, as well as foster broader information technology (IT) security awareness
across the University.

The videos are housed in ANGEL, Penn State's Course Management System (at to help faculty members and instructors easily reference them in their respective courses.

Options for using the videos:

Open Enrollment for the Security Videos Group:
An open enrollment ANGEL group has been created to enable anyone at Penn State to access
the videos. Users can find instructions for enrolling in the group via the ITS Knowledge Base (KB) at, and should use the keyword search term, "Information Security and You" to locate the group. Quizzes for each video are also available to evaluate the specific knowledge that has been conveyed.

Assign the Security Videos  to a course:
Via the open group, an instructor/group owner may also opt to assign this group to a course, so that everyone enrolled in the course will automatically see the folder. Instructors should provide ANGEL support,, with a list of students enrolled in the class, which they will use to batch enroll the students into the group. ANGEL Support will then send instructions and a form to instructors who wish to do this.

Add the Security Videos to a course:
Instructors/group owners may opt to to pull the Security Videos group into a course or group. In this context, instructors/group owners will need to point their respective students to a Quizzes folder in the course/group so that students have manual access to the quizzes. The advantage of this option is that an instructor can add the quizzes as an assignment to the gradebook and thus track individual completion of the quizzes.

Complete instructions for adding the course are attached to this article in the document, Adding the Information Security Videos to your ANGEL Course or Group.

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