UCS: ActiveSync

Here are some basic details on how to use Blackberry with the University Collaboration Suite (UCS). Zimbra provides instructions to set up Zimbra Mobile for Smart Phones on specific operating systems including the iPhone and Blackberry. Additional instructions for ActiveSync for Blackberry devices, specific to UCS are included below.

ActiveSync Blackberry Instructions - specific to Penn State


  • You must have an Activesync application installed on your device. Notifysync and Astrasync are two examples that have free trials.
  • No special data plan is needed, a personal plan works just fine.


  • Device will not be wiped during configuration
  • Syncing of E-mail, Calendar, Address book.
  • End-users may configure device themselves. No IT staff intervention is neccessary.
  • Remote wiping of device by user and by IT staff.


  • One-time cost of software.
  • No central management of device applications and configuration.

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