UCS: Desktop Client Configuration

  1. Download the UCS Desktop Client from https://downloads.its.psu.edu by looking in the e-mail section
  2. Make sure your UCS Account is active by visiting the UCS web client, https://ucs.psu.edu.
  3. Install the software
  4. Run the software
  5. Click Add New Account
  6. In the Account Type box, select Zimbra
  7. Fill in the following properties:
    Account Name: UCS
    Email Address: xyz5000@psu.edu where xyz5000 is your Penn State Access Account user ID
    Password: Penn State Access Account password
    Security: make sure SSL is selected
    Incoming Server: ucs.psu.edu
    Port: 443
  8. Press Validate and Save and accept any untrusted certificates
  9. Click the Launch Desktop button

Best Practice Suggestion: It is recommended that you reindex your Zimbra Desktop account frequently; daily is not too often.  Do this by clicking on 'Setup' in the top right of the window, then click 'reindex' to the right of your account name.  You may re-launch the desktop as soon as the option becomes available (It will say 'Processing' first, then turn back to 'Launch Desktop' with a green background).  If you do this daily, it should only take a minute or two, and keep your Desktop in sync with the server.


Service Now Article: KB0010554

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