UCS: Android Settings

Entering UCS Mobile settings on your Android based smartphone will sync your email, contacts and calendars using your carrier's data plan.


  1. These steps are going to be slightly different on each different Android Model/Carrier/Device.  But the information you need to use to fill in those fields should be the same as what appears with this setup information.
  2. Some HTC Android phones (such as the Desire HD, Wildfire S, Thunderbolt, and EVO) are known to be effected by a bug that causes calendar events to be deleted when using the native Activesync client included with the operating system. As a workaround, it is recommendwd to either use a third party client (such as Nitrodesk, Inc.’s TouchDown with Exchange Activesync for Android) or update your device’s sync settings. Each model of the effected HTC phones uses slightly different wording to describe the settings that you will need to change. The setting should still be similar to the following.
    • Open ‘Settings’.
    • Under ‘Accounts,’ tap the account that represents your UCS account.
    • Look for a setting such as ‘Period to sync Calendar.’ This will be set to 2 weeks on most devices by default.
    • Change this ‘Period to Sync Calendar’ setting to ‘All calendar’ or the equivalent on your device.
    • Save your settings.


  1. Open your e-mail application through a desktop shortcut or in your Applications menu
  2. Select Create New Account
  3. Choose "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"
  4. Next you will need to enter your account information:
    • Username: xyz5000
    • Password: This is your Penn State Access Account Password
    • Email: xyz5000@psu.edu
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Enter the Server information as ucs.psu.edu
  7. Enter the Domain information as ucs.psu.edu (This is optional.)
  8. Select "Use secure connection".  Some devices may already assume an SSL connection, but if the option is shown then it should be checked.
  9. Do NOT select to "Verify Certificate". 
  10. Confirm that your username is correct. Your password should be auto populated from step 4
  11. Select which options you want included with this account on your smartphone.  These options should be: Calendar; Contacts; and Email for synchronization.  Any one or all of these may be selected.
  12. Click "Next"
  13. Enter the name that you want to call this account
  14. Tap "Finish setup"


Default Sync Settings

Please refer to your mobile device user documentation for e-mail and calendar sync default settings.

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