How To Work With Attachments, Using The Briefcase within the UCS Web and Desktop Clients

The Briefcase can be used to share and manage files. These files can be viewed by any user with access to the Briefcase folder. This method not only allows internal UCS users access (view, edit, and add files) to the shared folder, but also allows users outside of UCS to view the shared folder. Any documents in your Briefcase do count against your 3GB quota within UCS.

Please note - in the UCS Desktop client there are 2 briefcase folders, one local to your computer and one on the server (this briefcase is located under your username). For sharing, you will want to use the server based briefcase


This prerequisite only needs to be done once for each person you wish to share . If you have already done set up sharing permissions for each person you wish to share with, then you can skip this part.

Sharing UCS Folders

  • Please refer to the following article describing how to share UCS folders

To share an attachment using the Briefcase:

  1. Click the Briefcase Tab
  2. Click the Upload File button on the Briefcase toolbar
  3. Click the Browse button
  4. Selectt he file to be uploaded
  5. Click the Open button
  6. Click the OK Button
  7. Right-click the file to be shared
  8. Select Send Link(s) to send a link to the file OR Select Send Attachment(s) to send the file

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