Help Resources

Help Resources

There are a few high quality resources for Adobe Connect that we have found useful. They are, in no particular order, the following:

1. Adobe TV ( Adobe TV has a lot of video tutorials for Getting Started with Adobe Connect as well as other more advanced tutorials.  These videos are only a few minutes in length which is great for quick reminders.  Adobe TV is free to everyone and does not require a login or a Penn State Access Account. There are tutorials available not only for Adobe Connect but many of Adobe Inc. other products as well.

2. ( is a web based video tutorial service that has a site license agreement with the University. Any faculty, staff, or student with a valid Penn State Access Account has the ability to view any training video at no charge. The Adobe Connect tutorials from consist of 11 sections of training and range from beginner to advanced user. This training is recommended for anyone consistently using Adobe Connect.

3. Adobe Connect 8 Online Documentation (  This written documentation is very helpful and much easier to follow than the user manual listed below. 

4. Adobe Connect 8 User Manual ( This a lengthy 219 page manual for every aspect of Adobe Connect 8. This manual is written very well with clear instructions but we recommended this for only more advanced users.  

NOTE: This manual will contain instructions for features and modules in Adobe Connect 8 that we do not provide for use in our local instance. 

5. ITS Knowledge Base ( With the launch of Adobe Connect 8 all documentation has been moved into the ITS Knowledge Base.  We have provided documentation on issues we feel are not covered by the resources above or are unique to our local installation.  For the best results we suggest you search for Adobe Connect or visit the following page which lists all the available documentation for Adobe Connect in the ITS Knowledge Base.

6.  ITS Training Services ( Is a group of professional trainers who will teach you a variety of subjects. One of those being Adobe Connect 8.  They also have created a fully comprehensive Getting Started with Adobe Connect document that can be found here.

7. Email Support ( you have tried the resources above and still can not find an answer emailing the address above will send your request to the Adobe Connect Team here at Penn State University. Support for this listserv operates Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm. 


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