Adobe Connect: Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts provide improved accessibility so that Adobe Connect can be used as much as possible without a mouse.

Shortcuts for Attendee Management

Result Windows Mac OS
Toggles Raise-Hand status Ctrl+E Command+E
Promote to host (Requires selected items in Attendees pod) Ctrl+' Command+'
Demote to participant (Requires selected items in Attendees pod) Ctrl+] Command+]
Promote to Presenter. (Requires selected items in Attendees pod) Ctrl+/ Command+/
End meeting Ctrl+\ Command+\

Shortcuts for Navigating Pods, Menus, & Windows

Result Windows Mac OS
Toggle between notification window and meeting room F8 F8
Display application menu for keyboard navigation Ctrl+Space Command+F2
Move focus to next / previous pod Ctrl+F6 / Ctrl+Shift+F6 Command+F6 / Command+Shift+F6
Display pod menu for keyboard navigation Ctrl+F8 Command+F8
Retitle pod F2 F2

NOTE: If pods are hidden by overlapping ones in Windows, press Ctrl+F9 to show them.

Shortcuts for Audio & Recordings

Result Windows Mac OS
Toggles microphone on or off Ctrl+M Command+M
Start/Stop recording (For start, brings up the start recording dialog) Ctrl+ Command+
Toggles Play/Pause during playback of recorded meetings P P

Shortcuts for Presenter Content in the Share Pod

Result Windows Mac OS
Start/Stop desktop sharing Ctrl+[ Command+[
Next page/slide Page Up or Right Arrow Page Up or Right Arrow
Previous page/slide Page Down or Left Arrow Page Down or Left Arrow
Play/Pause P P
Stop S S
Mute M M
Change View F F

Shortcuts for the Whiteboard

Results Windows Mac OS
Clear Ctrl+D Command+D
Print Ctrl+P Command+P
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y Command+Y
Delete selected items Delete Delete
Move selected items in a specific direction Arrow Keys Arrow Keys

Shortcuts for the Chat Pod

Result Windows Mac OS
Place focus on Chat pod, activate cursor in new message field Ctrl+; Command+;
When cursor is in new message field, sends message Enter Return

Shortcuts for the Notes Pod

Results Windows Mac OS
Underline text Ctrl+U Command+U
Italicize text Ctrl+I Command+I
Bold text Ctrl+B Command+B

Shortcuts for Dialog Boxes

Results Windows Mac OS
Close or cancel a dialog box Esc Esc
Execute the default actions (defined per dialog) Enter Return

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