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Penn State University has a site license contract with that gives faculty, staff, and students access to their training materials. To access these materials you must log into through the link provided at http:/

NOTE: If you are faculty, staff, or a student and can not get into please contact the Help Desk at 814-865-HELP or by email at

The name of the this tutorial is Adobe Connect Essential Training. Training is cut up into 11 sections, containing 70 individual lessons, and provides over 4 hours of training. This training is very well done and we highly recommend doing as many of the lessons as you have time for. However this training does cover a few items you will not see in our custom instance of Adobe Connect at Penn State. 

The following are the lessons with items that we DO NOT support or are handled differently in our custom installation.

  1. The Adobe Connect family of products.
  2. Obtaining a license to use for the training.
  3. Creating users on your Connect account.
  4. Setting up audio: Universal Voice.
  5. (POTS).
  6. Creating groups of users.
  7. Resetting Passwords.
  8. All of section 10: Using the Connect Desktop AIR application.
  9. All of section 11: Using the Connect iPhone App.


Service Now Article: KB0010573.


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