Permission Denied in PASS Due to the Number of Groups


Users may experience Permission Denied (or similar) errors when accessing Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS) via AIX hosts (such as PASS Explorer, Secure FTP, and PASS Gateways) and the number of groups of which the user's account is a member is greater than the system-defined maximum group limit of 128.


Users may determine the total number of groups in which they are a member by adding 2 to their number of supplemental groups, which can be determined by visiting and looking at the number displayed after "Your Groups" under "Other Directory Information".

Affected Services

The following services are known to have problems when accessed by an account with membership in more than 128 groups:



An update to the following systems on the corresponding dates increases the group limit from 128 to 2,048:


  • Affected users may decrease the number of groups of which the affected account is a member.
  • Affected users may be granted access to resources (e.g. files or folders) by individual user ID, rather than group.


Service Now Article: KB0010485

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