Manually Configure Profile for iPad

For Version: 

iOS 3+

1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility.

a. Mac OS:

b. Windows:

2. Select File.

3. Click New Configuration Profile.

4. Click on the General section

a.  Name: PSU Wireless

b. Identifier:

5. Click on the Wi-Fi section.

6. Click on the Configure button.

a. Server Set Identifier (SSID) : psu

b. Security Type:  WPA/WPA2 Enterprise.

c. Enterprise Settings, click on the Protocols tab.

i.  Accepted EAP Types: TTLS.

ii. Inner Authentication: PAP. 

d. Click on the Authentication tab

i. Enter your PSU Access ID (Form: xyz123)

ii. Enter your PSU Access account password 

7. Connect your iPad to your computer

8. Select your iPad under Devices.

9. Select the Configuration Profiles tab.

10. Install button the psu profile you just setup

11. Tap install.

12. Enter your password.

13. Tap next.

14. Tap done.

15. Go to Settings.

16. Select Wi-Fi Networks.

17. Tap on the psu network and you are connected


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