Wireless 2.0: iPad/Phone/iTouch Download & Installation

This service is only available to users with a valid Penn State Access Account. 
This installation requires the user to connect to the network called psuwirelesssetup in order to download the certificate installation.

Please note that iTouch users will need to make sure they have firmware version 3.0 installed prior to downloading and installing the Wireless 2.0 client.


  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select the Wi-Fi tab.
  • Select psuwirelesssetup  from the list of available networks.
  • Wait until a check mark appears beside the psuwirelesssetup network name.
  • Go back to your Home screen (closing the captive portal Safari that pops up).
  • Select the Safari browser to relaunch Safari in non-captive portal mode.
  • Click the "Click Here for Instructions" button
  • Select the correct configuration profile for which network you would like to connect to (i.e. Penn State for "psu" and Eduroam for "eduroam")


  • Select Install from the install profile prompt.
  • Select Install Now from the warning prompt.
  • Enter your Penn State Access Account.
  • Enter your Penn State Access Account password.
  • Click Done from the profile installed prompt.
  • Now you can use Wireless 2.0 network which is called psu.

NOTE:  The first time you connect using the Wireless 2.0, you will be asked to accept a certificate. Click Accept.

Additional Note: After changing your Access Account password, you will need to reinstall the wireless configuration profile.

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