The PASS File System

Top-level PASS file system layout

This list briefly describes the PASS file system layout and some of the directories of interest to general users.

Not all parts of PASS are accessible by everyone, as determined by file system Access Control Lists (ACLs, of the NFSv4 flavor in this case).

  • /pass - Root of the PASS file system
    • admin/ - File system system administration space. This directory can be safely ignored.
    • common/ - Another system administration space. This directory can be safely ignored.
    • depts/ - Departmental storage space.
    • home/ - Individual user home file systems. This directory can be safely ignored.
    • os/ - Operating system software distribution point. Contains pre-compiled binaries for some platform, and installation packages for others. Mostly used for ITS and AIT internal functions, and can be safely ignored.
    • services/ - Individual ITS and AIT service storage directories
    • users/ - Access Account Home Directories. See notes below.

Access Account Home Directory Paths

Home directories are located under /pass/users, and are then organized into 2 sub-directories according to the first two letters of the Access Account Username. For example, the home directory for abc5001 would be located at /pass/users/ abc5001.

Path to the home folder for multiple connection types.

Original Path /pass/users/x/y/xyz123
Samba Gateway


NFS Gateway


Service Now Article: KB0010477.


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