Changing a Listserv Subscriber's Email Address

An owner can change a subscribers address via email or the web interface.

change list-name old-address new-address pw=your-listserv-password
  • If you do not want the client to be notified when sending the message, use this command:
quiet change list-name old-address new-address pw=your-listserv-password

Example: If I wanted to change my email address for the WebTalk listserv from to and my listserv password was Football09 it would look like the following:

change webtalk pw=Football09

Note: Your passwords are case specific if you have capital letters in your passwords keep them capitalized when you type the command line.

  • If the subscriber is on several lists that you own, you can say * instead of "list-name" to change their address on all of these lists.
Example: change * pw=Football09
  • If you are a listserv postmaster, who essentially owns all lists, then the change can be made to all lists using the steps below:

To do this from the Web:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your email address and listserv password on the login screen.
    3. Click login.
    4. Select  List Management  > Subscriber Management.
    5. Select the  list-name list.
    6. Enter the subscriber's address in the Examine or Delete Subscription window.
    7. Type the new address in the Email Address window.
    8. Click Update at the bottom of the screen.

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