Connecting to PASS and UDrive through Windows (Connection Tool)

This document provides information on using the Map PSU Space Utility for Windows and is intended for users of PASS and UDrive on Windows machines.


These prerequisites only need to be done once, so if you have already done these steps to set up a connection to PASS for a class or club or UDrive you can skip over this part.

  • Map PSU Space Utility

    Download "Utility to mount PASS and UDrive" from which is located under the File Transfer section. To successfully install this utility, you need the administrator password for the machine on which you are installing the tool.

  • Automatic System Clock Updates

    Your computers system clock must be accurately set to the current date and time within your time zone for authentication to work with Penn State's systems.

Optional Items

If you are connecting from home or Penn State Wireless, you will need to install and use the Penn State VPN Client before following the steps below. Please refer to to setup the Penn State VPN Client.

Steps to Create a Connection

Step 1: Installation of Utility

  1. Launch the installer
  2. If prompted by a Security Warning box, click Run
  3. Click Next
  4. Select your Destination Folder
  5. Click Next
  6. Windows Vista and 7 users will be prompted by a User account control box, click Allow to continue
  7. Click Finish
  8. Restart your computer

Step 2: Using the tool

  1. Run the MAP PSU Space application
  2. Enter your Penn State Access Account user ID and Password
  3. Select the network storage you wish to connect to from the provided check boxes

  4. Click Connect

For more information about connecting to UDrive, please click here.

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